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Babylicious Mega Post

So I'd like to start by saying that 40 year old Jillian Reynolds is pregnant.
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Her husband is 6 years younger than her:
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I've been watching her a lot on the news in the mornings (she's a crazy news anchor woman in California, in case you haven't heard of her in New Hampshire) and just thought that she's getting fat. One of the other anchors even joked about her being pregnant and I distinctly remember her laughing about it and whatnot. Now I can never trust her. :(

Moving on: On Perez Hilton's site, I found the cutest picture of Kingston. When you said he was cute, I was like, "pshhh. not as cute as suri cruise. pshh" but after this picture, the cute baby race is on:

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Doesn't your heart just... melt?

Well, my heart sure melted after that picture of Kingston, but it was a puddle after looking at this picture of lil Violet. She is the cuuuuuutest little thing ever. She's got amazing posture and looks exactly like Jen, not to mention her fantastic fashion sense (Cute lil bracelet, cute bow, fancy sweater, etc.)

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So I guess Ryder got a haircut, blah blah blah. The real concern? He's like... almost 3 and still has a pacifier. We need to get Kate to watch Nanny 991, Supernanny, or any other nannylicious show.

While I'm still on the baby subject, I'll address the rumors about Katie Cruise (or is it still Holmes?) and her pregnancy:

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Could drunk-looking Holmes be pregnant or just a little pudgy? I dunno... I guess we'll have to wait and see if Suri is gonna have a new playmate.


Mmk, I'll stop discussing celebrity babies to talk about Britney Spears and Nicole Richie:

Britney Spears' new man wasn't let into some hot LA nightclub recently. I guess he thought that since he was spotted making out with Brit, he gets celebrity perks. Nah, man.

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*plays soft piano/violin music*
Now for some sad news.. Britney spears was spotted at a CD store recently:

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But whats that? In the bag? Could it be? Her own CD?
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My theory is this: she thought that she would make a profit from the CD if she bought some herself. Unfortunately, she forgot that she is paying 10x more than she will ever make back. That or she was just trying to get the people back at her label to think that somebody out there can see beyond her Jayden-neglecting ways. (Personally, I can. I really want her to have a fantastic new album and a great comeback, but i want her to stop hanging out with Paris ASAP)

Now, Nicole Richie:

Prior to her DUI arrest, a photo surfaced of her that I recently saw on Perez Hilton:

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As Perez nicely pointed out, is that a pipe in her friend's hand? YES! So why was everybody so shocked that she was smoking marijuana? Maybe that's why she's so skinny.

I'll finally end this entry with another picture of Shiloh and the whole Jolie-Pitt Clan:
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I swear, Hello! magazine made everybody darker. I know that Maddox is not as dark as Zahara. If you compare the picture is People magazine with those inside it's British partner's, Hello!, they are are much lighter and look a lot realer. All I have to say is, "They must be looking at super interesting books!" Shiloh looks so into them, Mad's like, "whaaaat. psh, no way, man, no way," and Z's like, "this is kinda interesting... I dunno. I'll have to wait until we get to the next page until I call fully make an opinion about it."
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