★ A ★ (0oangelface24o0) wrote in so_scandal_us,
★ A ★

10 Milo Iconnns...

Tags: icons, milo ventimiglia
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i like these! i would use them as userpics if i had any space left. xD
i <3 milo.
Why thank you! ♥
ahhhh. i could stare at #6 for hours.
and you are by far much more amazing at PSP than me.

I tried to make some of my own when I realized that I didn't know what to do with them besides change... the contrast.

You'll probably see me using these around the ol' el jay. :D
Ahhh, I'm so glad you like them! The whole time I was making them I was like..."I hope Jess likes these." Haha. I crave your approval. :)
Haha! When I was making mine, I was thinking, "Ah, Angela is so not gonna like this one. Nope, not this one either..."

But I made mine out of silly or random pictures. I need to take a course in using photo editors and how to make fantastic icons. I wonder if the Learning Annex has any classes like that.

Step 1: Learn what the Learning Annex actually is.
I know, me too! Like, in one of my latest posts in my regular journal I mentioned that I was in my storage unit looking for a book, but what I DIDN'T say was that it was my PSP user guide, lol...We should write a letter to Congress requesting the addition of an icon tutorial curriculum in all local colleges. Definitely.
I've already got my pen and paper out. The issue is by far more important than them worrying about abortion or something.