J e s s (dansexwithxme) wrote in so_scandal_us,
J e s s

Scandal Alert!

So, apparently, Justin Timberlake and K-Fed have met... and hugged. I can just feel the love in the air...

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I can't tell if JT is shocked by actually seeing K-Fed or if he's shocked by the jacket. I've already alerted the fashion police and sewing company.

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Happier times.

But another scandal:
According to some reports, Anna Nicole Smith killed herself because her son was the actual father of his sister. What? Well, you never know with Anna, Anna, Fabulous Anna, Anna Nicole. She's so outrageous.

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Look at them SeXXXy glasses.

But Honestly, I liked her and don't know why. I've made fun of her, but still have a soft spot in my heart for her.

And I think Larry Birkhead is the father. I was watching Entertainment Tonight and they were showing a video of baby Dannielynn and there was a brief moment where she looked exxxactly like him.

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