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Sex and the City...The Movie?

Brace yourselves, it seems the iconic quadruplet is back! I'm stuck in between being excited and being oddly disappointed. My favorite show will likely always be Sex and the City, but I've already gone through the painful torture of saying goodbye to my favorite four New York City gal pals. I will, no doubt, be first in line to by tickets but it seems like they're trying to overplay a good thing. Yes, I would looooove to see what happens in the end, but I thought that I had already seen the end. I'll stop my whining and conclude that: well, I'm really excited to see their comeback and I'm happy it's happening now rather than later. It just wouldn't be fun anymore if they tried to make the movie when the ladies were any older--say...60? It'd be like watching a Golden Girls movie (even though that sounds very appealing).

E! News reports:
"After three years of near-incessant rumblings that Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones would rendezvous for one more round of cosmos, E! News has confirmed that HBO and New Line Cinema have teamed up to finally give the girls the big-screen send off (or, possibly, rebirth) fans have been waiting for."

I can't wait to see what happens between some the five couples on the show:

Carrie and Big John

Miranda and Steve

Samantha and Smith

Charlotte and Harry

and yes, even

Stanford and Marcus

I wonder if Carrie or Samantha are going to get married or even have children. In my heart, I hope they do get married. I used to be bitter about the fact that Carrie didn't end up with Aiden, but deep inside my bones, I always wanted her to end up with Big. It seemed inevitable. After writing this post, I'm become more and more excited with every word I type.

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